About Us

What do you get when you cross illustration and Forbes 50 retail experience with graphic design, package design, fashion & textile design, product design, brand management and 3 dogs?

Give up? A dynamic duo of creativity...with 3 dogs.

We debuted at the 2011 Chicago Comic Con with an artist's table way in the back. Knowing the amazing talent that always shows up, we weren't expecting much, but we received a lot of love and made some great friends as well (and we did it without having to dress up as Slave Leia or Cat Woman). By this point, we'd had many years under our belt working for mass retailers, but there was much more we wanted to explore in the creative world. So at the end of 2011, we left our very comfy jobs and officially opened the doors to Idea Monster Co. Collectively, we have over 30 years of experience in the retail and design world and have worked for an array of companies and brands. To see a snapshot of what brands we've been able to work on click here.

To find out more about our creative services, click here to see what makes the special sauce so special.

Meet the Monsters

This is Melissa. She's the resident vegetarian who still loves the smell of bacon. Prior to Idea Monster, with a degree in multimedia arts and animation, she got her start in children's apparel. From there, Melissa went on to design for businesses in jewelry and accessories, table top, soft home, bedding and food gifts. The queen of organization and methodology, she knows how to structure and prioritize work flow. With a ninja eye for design, she is able to merchandise and build solid collections. Ever the innovator, she proudly holds a design patent.

She has an unhealthy theme park and board game obsession and has even created live-action mystery adventures (and it's never the butler!), as well as riddle-filled scavenger hunts for her friends and hubby. She has a soft spot in her heart for their 3 dogs and sweet potato tempura sushi.

This is Luis. He's the carnivore, but will sometimes eat a soy-sage breakfast sandwich. Like Melissa, he too has a degree in multimedia arts and animation and began his career as a graphic artist in children's apparel. However, his ambitions and love of all things design led him down the path of package designer and brand manager, then into product design (he even pitched a line of toys to the creator of Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots & Mouse Trap at the age of 10). Because of his creative and innovative spirit, he has always been labeled a "go-to" for new and out-of-the-box ideas and has received awards and recognition for team building and innovation.

Luis has his own obsessions. If it were not for his passion for design, he would have his own hot dog food truck, serving unique styles of hot dogs. Another passion of his is inspiring others through mentoring and speaking engagements, with topics including innovation, being a creative, personal brand and more. He has spoken at AIGA and college events, so if you have a need at an upcoming event, whether the audience is students, graduates or creative professionals, please contact us.